Veeversland: Part 1

First off, I'm watching Xanadu and making fresh New Orleans-style oyster po-boys and cole slaw so I'm pretty much in the best mood ever. My family's from New York (where they harvest Jews) but I was raised in the French Quarter of New Orleans on Royal St before it became Disneyland, and I know how to make poboys. Roast beef, shrimp, oyster... I can even make a decent Muffelata. The secret is in the bread and the freshness of your ingredients. You cannot deep fry canned oysters... gotta get big, briny, Eastern oysters and light, French bread. My step family have the Cajun cooking skills for days. Hi O'Niells I love you! Ennehoooo.

Hello friends! Welcome to my 5 weeks in NY. I already told you a little bit so I won't drag you through the minutae of my life, like posting food pictures and telling you about how gross the F train is. I'm lying! I will so do both of those things! This is Danika and she was my first stop to friend land when I arrived. She made us a delicious pot roast and shared some amazing Scotch which is one of my favorite things in life- I love a rare, local beverage brought back from it's homeland.

This is out of chronological order, but I had an oyster party at Marlow & Sons with 12 members of my inner circle and then went to Carlen's big Billyburg Birthday Bash right near my old house. I used to live in this giant loft in a building that was akin to Logan's Run. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE in that building was hot and under 30. I seriously think they ethered people on their 30th birthdays and dumped them in the East River- which literally lapped up against the side of our building. It was magical! Except for the fact that it was at the end of a street that the locals called Blowjob Alley due to the incessant amount of Hasids and hookers who did business right outside our front door. No joke I have a photo of one of them getting a beej from a girl in nothing but tube socks. Whoa- tangent. Moving along...

Its Nick and Nate Turbow DJing at Motor City! Nate, you are the unsung hero of Cleveland. I already miss you dude! For those of you who are new the the blog, Turbs does the Nick of Tim cartoons, which are based on his life. He never talks about how much of a foodie he is though, so I'm here to tell you that this guy knows where to eat and what to eat in New York. Seriously email him if you're visiting and tell him I sent you. This is his blog.

Normally I'm not down with OPP (Other People's Pets) but this special guy is David's dog Ollie Red Sox. She is the cutest dog in the entire world. Actually, I'm TOTALLY down with OPP. I'm like a crazy cat lady except instead of freaking out about cats (aka buttholes with legs) I am best friends with any and all dogs. Like, I hang at the dog park longer than they do.

Kinda gotta give it up to Dickchicken, for he hath left no surface on the island unscathed. He's the new UB40. He's the new Andre. He's the new Love Me.

Leyla's ice cream truck was parked in front of David's house and JUST SO HAPPENED to match my manicure. I picked OPI's new color 'Spirit of the Unicorn'

After mani/pedis and massages we went to the new Standard Hotel for oysters and champers. Blew off my day which nearly gave me hives, but it was worth it.


That night Carrie met up with us and we went to Amber's favorite sushi restaurant SOTO. It's on 6th Ave and is truly the best sushi I've ever had outside of Sasabune in LA. Here come the food pics... yaayyyy party! They're not even good quality- all from my crappy Blackberry, but if any of these photos can convince just ONE person to eat at SOTO, then I've done my job.

Uni so fresh it was sweet (that never happens)

Yellowtail w truffle oil, ginger and wizard tears

Custard w caviar, chives and the eyelashes of a Griffin

Carrie called this one kitten tongues. There were a total of 11 dishes but I won't torture you any more.

This is Carrie- neighbor, old friend, hostess to the best ice cream socials and holiday parties IN THE WORLD. You may remember her from the opening of Opening Ceremony in Tokyo.

After dinner my drunk ass went to LIT. My hair missed getting washed three times before the smell wears off, so I took it out for a nice stroll down memory lane.

Oh look it's the love o' my life John Roberts. Those raccoon eyes are due to him shooting a video earlier that night with DEBBIE HARRY NOBIGSSS. I waited so long to post this blog entry that the damn video is up:

This is getting long and I have to go to the gym. Coming up: Gossip. Vice Halloween. Cute boys. Me about to make fun of the MAX FISH party at Art Basel. CORNY!!! MASTURBATORY!!! Canned! Also, probably going to be so fun. But seriously, HOW can A-Ron and OHWOW not feel like they're turning their scene and friends into a commodity? Sorry Max Fish (you are the livingroom of the LES and I've had my best and worst nights in you), sorry A-Ron (you're so nice and you're keeping the spirit alive and I love that you're inspiring the Floridians) and sorry OHWOW guys (your gallery is awesome) and sorry to the 23 friends who are participating in this (you're there because you're talented), but SERIOUSLY I cringed when I got this in my inbox:

If I were at Art Basel right now I'd go to this despite my complaints about the concept/name, so here are the deets:



I.U.D. / Silkflowers / Animals Of The Arctic

BARR / Mike Bones / Wilder Zoby (Chin Chin) / Jaccuzzi Boys

Gang Gang Dance / Endless Boogie / Teepee

Special Secret Performance

Resident DJ's Tim Barber, Leo Fitzpatrick and Benton

Okay, love you. Back later for more.