This looks like a Wes Anderson movie about skateboarding + an artfag's ethereal wet dream. More importantly my SHAMELUST* is in the movie: Alex's hot, gross, slutty, hot dad STEVE.

Despite the fact that he's slept with a significant portion of my female friends in LA including an 18 yr old (nice-slash-really-slash-ew-slash-whynot), I still want to make rad fake babies with him for one whole entire night. I won't because I'm way conservative about who I divy out a piece of my SHAMELOVE to, but I've thought about it maybe 30-40 times. 

cheesy awesome DILF shirt. Photo courtesy of Curtis Buchanan

One time I was on a date with my ex-boyfriend at Cafe 101 and we saw Curtis and Steve please-take-me-down Olson, and my super unjealous ex got uncharacteristically nervous and asked me if we (meaning Steve and I) had ever done it, based on the way I was making eye drools on the old guy. I didn't even realize. I mean, I'm a BEAST. I must have desperately low self-esteem. OH WELL! Still wanna blaze this dude.

And here's a Daily Tid of trivia...'parently DILFy is a legend. When you're called a legend, that means a significant amount of the populace in your specific subculture deems you ground-breaking in whatever it is you do. There are a few things he's done, but of note, my future one night stand was the first person to use the checkerboard print on a skateboard. He made this killer classic:

Anyhow the movie... sets look amazing, etc etc blah la la laaaaa. I'm intrigued! 

Back to work.


* 'shamelust' came from the brainsauce of my inner circle member #22 © White Lightning