Good eggs

Okay so I know I promised you some sessy private parts, but I have to catch up on New York first, so here goes a little recap:


Saturday I left Ft Greene (currently my favorite hood. seriously. move there.) to meet up w Amber and her awesome dad Russ at the Mandarin Oriental. Um, have you been there? It's sipping-dirty-Martinis-in-Tokyo-with-Bill-Murray awesome. Russ has had such a fascinating life and said many wise things that I wrote down when I got home. I love an Old. Can listen to them all day and night.

I have reverence for the elderly because (warning: real talk) I'm afraid that as we devolve into Idiocracy, we're simultaneously losing our most important storytellers at an exponential rate. Our grandparents had stories of war, poverty, heroism and survival that we will never experience and they articulated those tales in a way we will never be able, simply because it's not in our vernacular. 

We don't even hand write love letters anymore. Not to sound like an Old, but THESE DAYS if someone isn't up to our standards, we just go to the internet, write a few clever emails and IM messages and BOOM! New ass is on it's way (even if only temporal). Romance takes much more than that. Getting to know someone takes a long time. But that patience is gone forever now and it's just too hard to resist the convenience of technology. Who isn't a sucker for some clever online banter with a babe? I love a smart guy. Checking out the big brains on Brad* is my Modus Operandi. Where was I? Oh yeah... Saturday.

Went to the Flair mag offices to meet Tasha who was putting together a shoot. 

Victor & Rolf branging it with the Swan Lake one-shouldered tulle drama realness


We headed up to the Ace for Erin's birthday. If you haven't been to Babycakes yet, you are slipping. She just opened her second location in an old gas station in Downtown LA... please go there for endless deleechay. You know what else is deleechay? Chris' new show MUNCHIES on VBS. 

The Breslin restaurant was awful. It was packed w B&T hipsters but the lobby bar was lovely and had delicious cocktails. I hate a hotel bar on the weekends, but if I lived here I'd have lunch meetings and Happy Hours there as much as possible. MOVING ALONG.

Happy Birthday lady! 

I ended the night at the Boom Boom Room which was insanely beautiful. I am not into sceney places and you'd have to pay me to go to a club (especially Teddy's) but I was impressed. One of my ex-boyfriends from 5000 years ago was serving our drinks in a formal cocktail uniform so that was fun/cute. If you haven't been there yet, wait til the Spring and go on the glass roof. Also make sure you go pee because the bathrooms are one of the coolest things about the place. PS Donna Karan walked in with 8 loud Italian queens. One had a cane, one had a mesh mask.

photos ripped from The Daily Beast and Guest of a Guest

Superbowl Sunday we went to Gideon's house and horked DOWN on his spread. He ordered the pork shoulder from Momofuku! It was tops dudes. Mint Juleps, Abita beer, spicy crawfish etouffe, crawfish poboys, jambalaya, everything. 



Gideon's friends were mostly writers, journalists, editors and other various media types. There were these two young, hot intellectual-y guys who recapped the plays and helped explain a lot of the game to me. I now get football! Also may have had to do with the fact that I'm from New Orleans originally and grew up in the Quarter, so I had a vested interest. PS Drew Brees' son is tiny Patton Oswalt:

you, now

40-year mirror

Next day Amber took me to the Great Jones Spa where I spent all day relaxing, steaming and asking her what Jennifer Aniston is like in person. Guess what? She's over Brad. Then we went to my favorite place on earth, the Oyster Bar at Grand Central and downed a bottle of champers before 6pm. That night John came over to Amber & David's so we could have a quiet drink at the Greenwich hotel (apparently all I do is hang out in hotels when I'm in New York?) but somehow ended up watching Chunky Pam videos on YouTube. Then CB4. Edgy!

 Kumamoto, Fanny Bay, Malpeques

no idea what these are. good thing I took a pic so I could remember.

F train 

Went to Faderbowl to see Jesse's "boy band" Restless People (he's also in Tanlines which is a breezy, Boca goodvibe from 1981). P-retty fun time dudes... super gorgeous brick-walled bowling alley/restaurant/bar, free bowling, free beer all night, and good bands. MNDR wasn't too shabs either and she had the hottest boy-haircut-on-a-girl sidekick ever.

our lovely host Jesse and the strangest photo of me looking like some lady 15 years my senior named Carol?

Danielle was a big hit with EVERY SINGLE GUY IN THE ENTIRE BOWLING ALLEY but especially our little area. She was husbanding the whole VIP section.

Jena and Crystal

David looks a teetad murdery

Athena and Heather

Lil Johnny Roberts came out in the snow. I love you John!

real pics from NickyDigital (or whatever came up first on Google)



Melanie !!

Late night Veselka pierogis- favorite past time

Next up: Snowday and Gavin's penis

*or whoever