I-I-I-I-I... I am your butterfly I need your protection need your protection

HI IM BACK!!! Had dinner at Lil Frankies w my besties followed by a mandatory party at Bacaro. Only bar in Manhattan that isn't filled with turds on Friday nights. But first a trip to Bumble & Bumble to get my hair did by Aura. A bleak view of the Hudson from the 'drying room'...

Then to 2A to meet Justin, Thor and Alex. I don't have a photo so here's one of Justin and me when he had long hair and looked like a member of Alabama:

 Dinnertime at Lil F's...


Liz, my old assistant at Vice who is now essentially the backbone of VBS and owner of a fancy long-term American visa! Next to her is beautiful Athena. I love you guys.

 Kristen and Lenski

Maury Ballstein

Lindsey and Jeylan

Wyatt stopped by

Next we went to Bacaro for a nice quiet drink-slash-party for me. ME! MEMEMEMEMEMEMMEMEMEMEMEMMEMEMEMEMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
the Care Bear Stare

Sarah and Shonali

Babyleg and Alain attempting "the Prune"

Carl and Pete, cute dressers

Dear hot guys, 

Please take note on the simplicity pictured above. Do this.



oh hai little neurogeneticist brother who cures cancer for a living and i make dumb jokes hi dad sorry!

Teddy and Juliana


Sarah Math, homefry

 Ashley Math, homefry 
(this was taken at her birthday party last time I was in NY at...SURPRISE! Bacaro)

Henry Leeeee

Carrie Carl and Shonali


good times