Oh yeah. Oh yes.

I may not have voiced my obsession with Nicki Minaj on this blog yet, but trust my love for her runs deep.

So as you can imagine, I am ridiculously excited that she is going to perform at the MTV VMAs. I love me some MTV. Haven't watched MTV in 10 years outside of the Movie Awards and the VMAs, but this year they are really stepping up their programming game. Jersey Shore? Check. The Buried Life? Check. Will I be tuning into World of Jenks? Check. EVEN MY PARENTS WATCH THE HARD TIMES OF RJ BERGER. (don't know how I feel about that, considering the amount of masturbation jokes on that show). Anyhow, Nicki's promo for the VMA's is kind of bananalanadingdongsauce:

I made a gallery of her sartorial insanity HERE

I can look at photos of her "Harajuku Barbie" crazytown stee all day long, but my favorite favorite favorite photo of her is from her Fader Magazine cover story:

Love you, Nickaaaaaayyyyyyyyy