I think I owe you guys a more personal post. A tale told through photos, links, and words.

I don't post personal stuff because I'm not 11 and don't have the need to express my feelings to anyone who will listen. It's also no one's business who I love, who I make rad fake babies with or who I wish would scram forever (even though I soooo want to tell you those things sometimes).

But I used to post more about my social life which I don't anymore because as I get older it feels a little self-indulgent. Plus, who on earth aside from my family, besties and the guy I'm dating would care what I'm up to?

On the other hand, I can't just give you guys pieces of the Internet and give meaning to this blog, right?

I took a few days out of my busy Bravo-viewing schedule to go to the Toronto Film Festival (for work) and it was fabulous la la laaaaaaa. Of course I have no photos of celebrities, screening rooms, gorgeous hotels, insane meals and the city to show for it. Unless of course you count my friend drinking beer out of a toilet that was placed in a living room with a gigantic 3 ft straw "fabulous." Cause I have a photo of that.

Maybe I'll post fuzzy, crappy Blackberry pics and match them to events and pals like a good blogger should. Do you guys want me to start posting social bullshit again? Y/N/M?