I interviewed Debi Mazar, Juliette Lewis, Erin Wasson, Sofia Coppola and Elle Fanning at the premiere of Somewhere, if y'all are interested in any of THOSE AMAZING PEOPLE. I edit a teen pop culture site so it's edited for that audience. Tomorrow is the press junket at the Four Seasons and that's when I get to ask more hard-hitting questions like "Can you reflect on the current state of the Southern Thailand insurgencies?" and "Kierkergaard. Discuss."

And you should've seen who was actually attending the premiere. It was basically the roster from V, Interview, and Tokion in one giant human parade of creative fucking genius.

 Chris was the only funny character in the movie

 heh- lady behind us was NOT happy

love Erin

Works been fun lately, albeit looong hours. I got to see TRON in 3-D IMAX at the Disney screening room, went to Somewhere (obvs), and today there was literally a debate between a private Henry Rollins speaking engagement and a Jim Davis signing (Jim won, sorry Henry. It's GARFIELD).

But I have to admit- I'm such a workaholic I barely have a social life anymore and it's starting to bug me. I just can't stop though- I'm always on overdrive. Do you guys have this problem? HALP!