I'm Not Sorry


My friend Cary's little brother just moved in with an eccentric gay male musician named Yaku (not Asian but def some sort of European). A few weeks ago she asked him how he was settling in. He told her he was having a fine time of it but the one interesting aspect of his new apartment life was that his roommate was always in his room working on a dance song that just seemed to repeat the lines "I'm not sorry" over and over. 

We all thought this hilarious and kind of blew it off, never imagining that one day "I'm Not Sorry" would grace our hearts, minds, and souls. Yet here it is. W

e love Yaku and hope he gets a record deal. I'm going to make a music video for this so please pitch your music video ideas in the comments and the best one will become immortalized in a YouTube video for eternity, with full credits and all. 

Please enjoy.