Aviva worky

At my last job as a reporter I worked in a fancy magazine office on the 29th floor of World Trade Center 7, the first "green" building in New York. It boasts the cleanest air quality on the island due to the building's air vents being in the sky instead of on the ground like all those awful Midtown skyscrapers. I guess $2 billion in insurance money allowed Silverstein's architects to get creative. Have you guys seen the new plans for the towers? Truly magnificent.

Below are three photos of my current (HOME) office, working with Perry Chen on our book "NO REGRETS." Perry is launching a website called Kickstarter that will change the way creative projects are funded, forever. I got someone in my family to give Perry his first seed money to start this website so I have a vested interest in it's success. See you in your Manhattan Penthouse someday, Perry!

Perry organizing my dumb ass jokes, and all the contacts of everyone who contributed to our dumb ass book, which I am actually having the very most amazing time putting together. 

And here are majestic views of downtown Manhattan crippled by my sad n sorry Blackberry camera. Just imagine walking into pure glass and sunshine every morning, surrounded by Ivy League writers and editors. My boss Jane Berentson is so very chic. I miss seeing her every day. She told me I had brilliant ideas and was incredibly creative, but I was a terrible assistant and should never, ever take a clerical position again. She said I should become a television writer and now she's planted a seed. I've been told I should be a comedy writer for most of my adult life. Either that or some sort of publicist, likely because I know a lot of different types of people and enjoy putting them together for creative projects and work, etc. For the record, the thought of writing press releases and doing PR for someone makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and hide. NEVER. 

Anyhow, I've lost the plot. Here's my Ground Zero view that I so miss...

View of Ground Zero from my office, taken with my shitty Blackberry camera :/